Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If you are good ...

If you care about others but no one gives a crap about you
If you being affectionate but no one bothers to care
If you smile but no one smiles back
If you listen but no one hears your heart screams
If you wipe tears but no one realises you are withholding yours
If you offer your warmth but no one feels how cold and lonely you are inside
If you run to others' rescue but no one lift you up when you fall
If you tend to wounds but no one sees you are bleeding
Then ... why would you even bother being good at all?


cn said...

sebab kita Islam.

because we know why we are 'here'.

sebab "layukallifullahunafsan illa wus'aha" -- that Allah will not give, unless we're capable of handling it.

and because we know that what has been promised is true -- sadaqallahul'azeem...

MiSs iiMa said...

sebb kite cool ngehngeh