Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A cut is always deeper that it seems (sad ain't it)

I had a cut on my finger at the office today. It was a fairly deep cut (right thought my finger joints). I was squirming in pain and the toilet sink was red with my blood by the time I finish cleaning the cut.

I actually cut myself with a scissor while opening something I bought earlier. Blood were flowing and I quickly applied pressure on the cut while squirming in pain. I ask the girl sitting next to my office if there's some medication, I just had a deep cut. While still gleefully chatting and giggling with some online boyfriends, she said no. I ask if she could look around and find something. Maybe someone else in the office had some medicated plaster or something. With a I'm-sorry-but-my-boyfriends-are-more-important-than-that-squirming
-pain-you-have-or-your-very-existance-BTW look she left... and continue
using computers somewhere else.

Empathy is so low these days (unless of course you're that cute hottie from Korea with your messy hair and pretentious attitude) it's appalling. I'm not asking that that people rush me to the nearby ER or anything, but to just stop what you're doing, try your best to help a guy in pain is not, in my humble and apparently utterly useless opinion, to much of a "pain"

God forbid if I do need to go to the ER, i guess they would only find out a few weeks after that when they smell rotten flesh coming from my office.

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