Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nothing short of a miracle

Have I prayed? Yes, oh God, I have prayed
Do I really think this can work? Probably not, at least not in this life
Do I know this is crazy? Yes i do
Am I crazy? Maybe
Am I stupid? Definitely not
Do I want to follow my heart? Yes, oh God, yes
Should I? I just can't
Should I give up? Probably
Can I give up? I can't, I just don't let me
Is this painful? Hell yes,
Then why don't I stop? Because I'm still breathing
Then, what do I expect? I guess, nothing short of a miracle
Why all this trouble? Because I'm human, I breath, I feel, I smile and I cry


anonymous_d said...

does this mean u believe in miracle?

Azrul said...

if i don't i'll loose all hope