Saturday, November 24, 2007

What do you do when you feel down? when you just kneel to the forces of nature and can't get your feet off the ground? Well, one thing that I do is to remember what people said about me... Here's one:

mmm believe me if i say he is the most nicest and sweet guy on

earth!!!betul!!!he's so sweet and so shy too,masa sis gi sana we went to

a lot of places laaa and i think he's such a good boy!!!tak lupa

sembahyang and he definitely tak macam owang lain..bukan sis nak puji

lebih2 tapi that's the truth!!!


esp bila first time jumpa..dia malu tapi lepas tuhh dia

laa yang paling becok!!!herhehe tanya laa apa aja mesti ada citer pas

tuhh suka nyakat owang!!hehehe


..apa yang sis boleh that he's really nice and dia very


Thank you sis, wherever you are today, may God bless you always

1 comment:

rubybagai said...

ahahaha....nize guy ek??and nk tambah..very the manja...kuat majuk..kuat nyanyi..hauhau..n kuat makan!! yoyoy!!!